~  Fake Clouds  ~   Some of Today's Spray  ~  October 16, 2003  

8:50 AM   8:59 AM
8:48 AM  Striations 8:48 AM  Detail

At first glance these clouds may appear normal, but they are actually unnatural.  Under close observation this type often appears to vibrate or shimmer slightly.  They are distinctly "blurry" and out-of-focus for several minutes.  Clouds of  this type can actually "morph" like a computer-generated image when this change of shape is larger and more dramatic.  The aerosol cloud breaks up from striations or from forming strange textures with holes of various sizes.  This process  disperses the cloud material and is caused by natural and/or manmade electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight.    I have observed this same fake cloud pattern occurring dozens of times.

 examples from 1-9-03


"An atom can become ionized by the absorption of light.  The atom of barium is particularly easy to ionize, because its outermost electron is very loosely bound.  If a mass of barium is vaporized in space, producing a barium cloud, much of the barium becomes ionized by sunlight within less than a minute.  The cloud then moves in response to electric forces in space, and can be used to study the electrical field in space."  http://www-istp.gsfc.nasa.gov/Education/wposion.html

Later today....

6:13 PM  Dramatic radiating "fingers" on a chemtrail at sunset.


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