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About Lydia Mancini

My eldest daughter said I should put this here, because she thinks it increases credibility to know something about the author.

I'm a 53 year old mother of three wonderful girls. (ages 22-25).  Being happily married to Michael has given me a wonderful stepdaughter, too (aged 17).

I had a stroke 11 years ago that, by all accounts, should have killed me.  Emergency brain surgery limited the damage to partial paralysis.  It seems ironic, but this calamity was a blessing that saved both my life and my marriage.  It forced me through a spiritual reckoning which was transformative and ended habits which were hurting both body and soul.  Now I'm able to appreciate the simple joys in life. 

Michael's love and support  through my recovery after the stroke made all the difference.  He's a really super guy.  As my technical advisor, this is his website too.  He runs a computer business and encouraged me to learn to make websites.  He also gave me a digital camera.  This encouragement made the website possible because I'm really blocked when it comes to using new technologies. 

I love beauty and things natural, and this largely accounts for my awareness of clouds and the aerosol technologies which imitate them.  I'm a luddite at heart, and might never have even gotten internet access if it weren't for Michael.  (What a shame that would be --  cyberspace is great!  It's the only free press.)

Some of my experiences and interests include:

 Being a "back to the land" person in the early 1970's and experimenting with diverse approaches to growing food and flowers, working at a whole foods cooperative warehouse, studying nursing and caring for the elderly both in institutions and at their homes, self employment as a silver jeweler, participating in a hospital chaplaincy program, volunteering in a hospital hospice program, being a member of the Baha'i Faith, and painting with acrylics on canvas.  I have personally  had several near death experiences from several causes: anaphylactic shock, pneumonia, and stroke.  This, along with an ongoing experience with both hospice and grand mal seizures has given me a window into the death experience that is truly liberating. (See what I learned from my near death experiences.)  Studies into the nature of physical reality has given me an appreciation for the powers of the electromagnetic aspect for both forming and informing the material world.  Electromagnetic forces act as connecting energies between the physical plane and the spiritual and/or etheric planes of existence.

My seizures usually last for about10 minutes, but some have continued for 6 hours, even with emergency room help.  I once experienced an unusual and vivid insight while returning to earthly consciousness:  I felt absolute disgust for having to re-inhabit a physical body because it was clearly seen to be a wet system running with electricity, which indeed it is.  (Update: I now have many months between seizures and believe that this phase of my life is drawing to a close.  It was a huge learning experience to go through those monthly "dress rehearsals for death" so I don't regret the experience, but I'm grateful they are now infrequent.)

"You have sold the clouds."  

Seeing clouds responding to electromagnetic forces is unsettling when you appreciate the possible ramifications of such a technology. We're entering a state of global emergency, but most people don't seem at all aware of this. 

 However, there are some people who truly understand the importance of clouds.  Extraordinary medicine men living high in the mountains of Columbia, called Mamas, have intentionally isolated themselves from the people of the modern world (whom they call "younger brother".  They came forth several years ago with an announcement for modern humanity: 

"We are the Elder Brothers, with knowledge of all things, material and spiritual.  We know what you have done.  You have sold the clouds.  Open your eyes."  The earth is in a state of dire emergency.  Things are really bad.  We know because there aren't many clouds up here in the mountains now.  When the clouds are gone, the world is on the verge of ruination.  There was a special documentary devoted to this message from the Mamas by the BBC called "The Elder Brother's Warning".

The fact that our atmosphere is in an alarming condition was underscored for me on the January afternoon that I witnessed the glowing energy display.  I noticed bizarre striations in the clouds and so went out in the back yard with my camera.  It was miserably freezing cold as I shivered in a lawn chair watching many areas across the sky appear to "vibrate" dramatically with striations.  It was utterly surrealistic. 

Suddenly a bald eagle flew right over me very low and slow.  This alerted me to the fact that something really especially significant was happening, so I quickly began recording the display with the camera.  The energy display continued for 7 minutes.  


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