First Energy: Blackout Scapegoat 

by Michael Kane 


Something's not right here -


Cyber terrorism has been ruled out as a cause of the 411-blackout in the 134 page Interim report released yesterday: The entire report blames First Energy Corp. for the blackout, but never once even considers the possibility (let alone investigates the possibility) that Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could have caused the blackout. In turn, the fact that HAARP was turned on at precisely 4pm, and has the capability of producing EMP, was not examined either.


The AP sited tree growth as a "common cause" linked to the three initial outages. Looking at figure 4.1 on page 30 of the Interim report, we see a total of five 345 kV lines fall do to "trees" from 2:02 pm till 3:41pm.


I called First Energy and asked if reports that "tree branches" took out a critical power line, which in turn, took down the power grid, were true. A First Energy media representative said "that's an over simplification".


He explained there wasn't enough reactive power being provided; this is the base level power you must put in the grid to transport the usable power. Without adequate reactive power, power lines will sag inordinately. He went on to say outside utilities provide the reactive power but make no money on it. He implied, but did not state, that this lack of profit motive may have caused utilities to provide inadequate reactive power.


He went on to say First Energy had software malfunction in a manner they were unaware of at the time of the blackout. They are now working with their software provider to fix this, but they have ruled out cyber-terrorism as a cause.


First Energy is actually spinning in the "progressive" direction by

blaming the blackout on deregulation. This is a strange strategy for a

private company to use; blaming the very thing that has helped them make

more money, and is continuing to help them make money.


...because they get to have their cake and eat it to. Reports in Forbes have said First Energy is basically immune to lawsuits based on how energy law is written and interpreted, and any fines from NERC or ECAR are voluntary so they don't get paid.


Meanwhile no one has asked the most critical questions regarding the timing of HAARP being utilized on August 14th 2003 at 4pm, precisely 11 minutes before the blackout occurred. This investigation must delve into the military testing happening in Alaska during the blackout or it will be utterly incomplete.


Something is certainly not right here. The entire story is not being told, or even explored - keep your eyes on the sky and your ear to the ground to find out what really happened on 411.


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