Joint Task Force Told Face to Face,

Blackout was a Military Test


by Oliver J. Midelson

December 6, 2003


At an under publicized public comment meeting, which was ‘publicly’ announced by a Department of Energy news release, Michael Kane outlined his report, published at Global Free Press, stating that the August 14th blackout was part and parcel to a multi-faceted military test. The Task Force was very attentive, attempting to take notes as fast as Michael spoke.


His comments can be heard in Windows Media player format here They were the last comments made to the panel, and begin 1 hour and 4 minutes into the Windows Media file.



***This is a press release from Global Free Press, we've been covering Michael Kane's investigation for over four months now. The statement he read to the Joint Task Force at Fridays Public Comment Meeting regarding the blackout was derived from a special investigation we published in September which can be found here:


Other supporting reports can be found here:


Global Free Press just broke this entire story




Oliver J. Midelson

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