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Aerosol Camouflage 

 Jan. 20, 2003   

Just because you don't see chemtrails doesn't mean they aren't there.

This cloud appears to be attracting more chemtrail material to itself.  A plane sprayed a barely visible mist in a segmented (or broken) trail.  The chemtrail mist segments then rapidly coagulated into little airy puffs of cloud material.  Finally, these "mini clouds" came together to form what looked like real cumulus clouds.  The weird striations in this cloud make it apparent that this isn't a normal cumulus. 

Without the unusual striations, and a weird "blurry" or "vibrational" quality which it temporarily had, this chemtrail camouflage could have fooled me.  I wonder how often this is utilized.

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 weird striations visible


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