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"Aerosol Crimes"

Clifford Carnicom's  DVD about Chemtrails


When you tell people about the assault on our skies, they often look at you blankly and ask....why would they do that?

 Clifford Carnicom explains it all in his new (updated) documentary DVD "Aerosol Crimes": A one and a half hour presentation about chemtrails, their effects on human and other natural life, and their possible devastating military applications.  It's an excellent way to give your friends all the information they need to answer that question: why are they doing this?

Available now for only $2.00!  

1 copy - $5 includes cost of shipping
2 copies - $6 total includes cost of shipping
Multiples - $2 each (plus shipping at cost)

At this price we can afford to inform friends, family, community leaders, meteorologists,  environmentalists, politicians, neighbors, concerned citizens, and  activists of all kinds!

Please send your order requests to:

Harriett Fels




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