I copied and pasted this page from Google's cache to create a webpage for Bariumblues.   Surprisingly, after 25 seconds it automatically turned into a contrail slide show!  

It was created by a European astronomer around 1999  because astronomers were concerned that the chemtrail/contrail pollution was interfering with their ability to see the sky and do astronomy.  The old fashioned view of contrails it presents is naive-- almost charming-- compared to the sinister implications we now know them to have.

It seems that some of the photos show actual contrails, while some show chemtrails.  If you watch the slide show, you can hit the "back" button repeatedly to get to Bariumblues.com again.

Lots of slides are missing, but there is some interesting stuff, too--especially in the lists of links at:  "PRESIDENT CLINTON has a statement on contrails--Find it in my resource notes! " .   Hit Play it again!  for an index and to start the show at the beginning.  I thought this slide show might be an interesting resource for those people who like to poke around. (Like me.)

Hopefully some of these astronomers are getting hip to to the aerosol program by now....

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Contrail Slide Show ----  - LOAD 25 s - TOP - NEXT

A 30 km wide contrail seen from the Space Shuttle

How long was this contrail? Nobody knows. But astronaut Fred Leslie says: I remember seeing contrails stretched across the planet." (ref. http://www.ssl.msfc.nasa.gov/newhome/people/fred/fred.leslie6.htm )

30 km wide contrail seen from the Space Shuttle.  Astronaut quoted by NASA.



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