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The Colossi of Memnon, Thebes: These statues were a major tourist attraction in the ancient world. Each morning, visitors were rewarded by the sound of tones emitted from the statues with the rising of the sun. Conventional historians like to attribute this well documented phenomenon to a freak of nature due to damage to the statues caused by an earthquake in the 1st century BC. However, as early as the 5th century BC, Assyrian soldiers partially dismantled the statues in order to find the hidden mechanism within which they suspected was creating the tones. They found nothing. There was no mechanism to find. The tones were created by the subtle knowledge of the Egyptian priests in fashioning forms which resonated with the etheric formative forces streaming out of the earth each morning.

"Certainly, the best evidence to date of the existence of the Etheric Energy Field and its capability of being drawn to high concentrations without the application of work is demonstrated by the Etheric Weather Engineering techniques developed by Trevor James Constable and his Atmos Engineering group. As a member of this group, I have personally seen how simple Etheric Energy projectors, that do no work in the classical sense, can cause the etheric potentials in the atmosphere to rise to such high concentrations that millions of gallons of water will precipitate from the air for hours at a time."

 Peter A. Lindemann: Thermodynamics and Free Energy Borderlands Magazine, May 1994

There exists a series of geometric aspects to the body of the earth, which, while neglected by conventional modern geology, have not remained unremarked by careful observers of nature throughout history. Plato, for example, in the Timaeus, says of the earth that, from above, it resembles a ball sewn together from 12 pieces, thus hinting that the planet can be perceived as a dodecahedron from one perspective. In general, there are various spherical geometrical models of the earth which appear to correlate in many fascinating ways with a range of underlying phenomena both natural and man-made. The ancients were aware of such models, and in more recent times, researchers have begun to recover the traces of the evidence that structures were arranged in relation to this underlying grid. For accounts of various discoveries in that area, see Mysteries in Nova Scotia, Glasgow Network of Aligned Sites, and Triangle from Mountains from the EarthStar Mystical Maps website.

One earth-grid model which emerges from these subtle understandings is derived by superimposing the five platonic solids on the earth at a particular orientation. The result is a figure made up of 15 great circles which subdivide the surface of the earth into 120 MR triangles. For two overviews of a history of theories about these geometrical skeletons of earth, see Becker / Hagens: The Global Grid Solution and also History of the Earth Grid Theory. Richard Hoagland has documented the role of the tetrahedron in relation to planetary structure and the implications of such geometry for a revolutionary new physics. See also R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics in which are provided the detailed blueprints for spherical grid geometry; in particular the complete mathematical description may here be found for the icosa-dodeca grid made up of 15 great circles.

That the ancients constructed grids by which they comprehended the shape and layout of the earth is proved by Professor Livio Stecchini in his various published works, including his essay included as the Appendix to Peter Tompkins Secrets of the Great Pyramid. There is an on-line archive of his work at Intepres. Here is one chapter with much relevant material: Professor Livio Stecchini: Mapping the Earth.

It is also becoming apparent that many modern structures are to be found located on significant geometrical sites, whether by "accident" or design. A fascinating recent book explores these ideas in the context of the North American landscape. See Arkhom: Gaia Matrix, and also work by Dan Winter.

These geometrical models beg the question: what actually is it which is forming these grids and alignments? The answer is to be found not within standard Euclidean concepts of space, but in the neglected field of Projective Geometry. Neither are the forces at work in the grids to be understood in terms of conventional electromagnetic or other fields of contemporary physics. Rather, they emerge from an understanding of the etheric formative forces, which are those subtle interpenetrating realms which give form and shape to the world of living things.

The text which provides a blueprint for this future spiritual science of the ancients, is Gunther Wachsmuth's Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man (1932). Long out of print, (though available in photocopy from Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation), this seminal work by Rudolf Steiner's secretary of many years lays out the basis for a scientific understanding of the operation of the etheric formative forces in every sphere of activity. Wachsmuth shows that there are four ethers, namely warmth ether, light ether, chemical or tone ether and earth ether, correspondingly respectively to the four elements of fire, air, water and earth.

An understanding of these etheric formative forces leads to entirely new types of technology, in which moral considerations will take equal precedence with the mechanical. See for example Sympathetic Vibratory Physics or Geometric Energy Fields by Guy McCarthy. For practical demonstrations of the reality of such technologies, see Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle and the work of Trevor James Constable in weather engineering via sacred geometry principles.

It will also lead to an entirely new understanding of the structure of the earth. Already, the cracks in the conventional geological models have begun to appear with the discovery of certain illuminating anomalies. For example, the geometrical nature of the planetary core is revealed by the discovery of the giant crystal at the centre of the earth. Even much closer to the surface, it is beginning to emerge that things are not as they have seemed. The conventional model of the earth's crust is seriously challenged by the observation of an underground discontinuity, leading geologists to ponder whats exploding 600 miles beneath our feet?.

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