Fake Clouds   (a story)    click here for main page  about fake clouds, chemtrails & electromagnetics

It seems hard to believe, but by 2003 nobody remembered what real clouds looked like anymore.  Everyone thought the imitation clouds were real, even though they weren't especially good imitations.  The weather was weird and the land was afflicted with drought. 

 The old cumulus clouds were beautiful and happy looking.  They fired the imagination.  They looked like magical scenes, people and animals.  The  fake clouds looked like ugly things:  shredded polyester cotton balls and lobsters covered with shag carpeting.   But usually they didn't look like anything at all -- just chemicals in the air, because that's all they were. 

 A few poets and artists, dreamers and farmers noticed the difference, but they were ridiculed for mentioning it.

After a few years had passed most of the people were sick and tired and dumb and confused because the fake clouds were putting out germs and particles.  The particles were crystalline and metallic so they could conduct the electromagnetic frequencies that were being sent through the atmosphere.  The Frequencies affected the heartbeat of the earth and the brainwaves of the people.

The people were getting too dumb to be able to tell that they were dumb, and they were too confused to know that they were confused.  Those that could tell didn't want to admit it, because they were afraid they would lose their job security.  Fibromyalgia, "chronic fatigue", and upper respiratory disease became so common that they were taken for granted.  Everyone knew, deep down, that things weren't right and were getting worse, but they didn't know what was wrong or how to fix it.  This made them feel helpless and more tired and confused. 

So what happened next?

At first it seemed like a miracle -- Flying saucers landed!    People hoped that the space brothers had come to solve everyone's problems.  But alas, it looked like they were actually evil invaders who wanted to take over the world.  The United Nations declared martial law and the United States had Super Weapons  to scare them away.  A group of men called the Big Boys were secretly running things. This is because they had the best weapons for creating earthquakes and the best machines for tuning the frequencies in people's heads.   They made all the evil aliens go back home.  Everybody was so scared of the aliens that they were glad to have the Big Boys calling the shots.  It was such a relief to finally have somebody in charge who seemed to have ALL the answers to ALL the problems! 

It was such a blessed relief that nobody even wanted to learn the secret about the aliens.   But the truth is that it was really the Big Boys who created the  flying saucer invasion in the first place.  They used a fake Alien Invasion to seize Total Control and rule the world.

  The Frequencies couldn't be seen or heard, so nobody realized how powerful they were.  Even the scientists  working for the Big Boys didn't really know -- But of course they wanted to find out!   So they increased the power and burned a hole in the ionosphere with their experiments.  The ionosphere is a shield against the sun.  This hole made the earth get blasted with solar winds and cosmic rays.  The Solar Disaster wasn't like the Alien Disaster.  It wasn't in the Big Boys Plan,  and everybody started freaking out when they realized they couldn't trust the Big Boys to run the show anymore.  Russians, Chinese and Americans all owned earthquake and weather frequency machines and the fake clouds kept making it very easy to transmit electromagnetic frequencies.  Of course they finally had a Big World War and there was the Greatest Earthquake and most of the people died.

The only people to survive the Earthquake were people like us.  That's why we say that the meek have inherited the earth.  And it's a good thing, too.



The technology for these scenarios already exists today.