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Electromagnetic geophysical weaponry first came to my attention about 6 or 7 years ago when my daughter saw what was best described as a "fireball" pass over her bedroom skylight window.  What was it?!  I wasn't content to simply pass it off as a meteorite or "UFO" -- her description was too detailed and vivid.  An internet search for "fireball" brought up an article in Nexus magazine, April 1997, called " Bright Skies".  This report on Australian fireballs sent shockwaves through my little pre-scalar world.  Could this really be happening?  I read and reread it.   This article is scientific, thorough and convincing and I highly recommend it. 

(I still have no idea what kind of fireball it was that my daughter saw, though, as there are several possibilities including luminous plasma




"Readers of previous episodes of this series of "Bright Skies" articles might be forgiven for believing that exotic fireball, light emission, electrical, electro-magnetic, and coupled explosive and/or seismic events have over recent years been observed solely within the continent of Australia. Although sightings "down under" have been prolific, and strongly suggest that we are being utilized as a major testing ground for someone, there have also been a significant number of similar events in other countries during the same time frame (say 1985 - 1997), as the following randomly chosen examples, provided to the author by Nexus readers, and reproduced below in their original (but abridged) format, amply demonstrate."   

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