Let's Not Blame the Government for Chemtrails-- It's what "they" would like us to do!

I don't believe that the government is trying to poison us.  "The government" includes my high school friend who's now in the state legislature and the folks on the local city council.  "The government" is mostly a huge bureaucracy of interconnecting cogs trying to maintain the status quo.  The concept of "the government" is absolutely meaningless in terms of identifying anything or anyone specific and is therefore a perfect cover for the actual perpetrators.

Many involved with the actual spraying aren't likely to be aware of the true agenda of their employers.  Military people just follow orders, and those acting as the agents of any system don't feel responsible.....They believe the boss has that problem.  Extreme compartmentalization keeps people unaware of the big picture, and to make matters worse, privatization is taking over the functions of government and the military.

Most important is the fact that "the Government" is used as a tool by the small number of people with the most influence.  It's a mistake to think that a tool is doing something.  A hammer doesn't pound a nail so much as the hand that holds it. 

To get the right answers we need to ask the right questions.  The aerosol operation is a tremendous technological undertaking of colossal proportions.   It creates the ominous result of making the atmosphere more conductive of electromagnetic radiation.  This has the potential for a multitude of applications.  Polymer fibers (sometimes laced with bacteria and viruses) are also being used.  Nanotechnology needs to be considered.

We need to ask:  Who could use "the government" as a tool to implement such a plan, and what might that plan be?  Is this for military applications?  Control of the citizenry?  Environmental modification?  All of the above? 

We should also ask:  Are people employed in the aerosol operation being duped into believing it is for something other than its' true purposes?  This seems probable.  These people could consider themselves to be "insiders" with important information to reveal, but would only be spreading disinformation if they spoke about what they've been told.

Let's not blame "the government".  That results in the kind of fuzzy thinking which creates a smokescreen for those who are actually responsible.

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