Spectacular Lenticular over Hawaii

"Just for clarity's sake, the two distant shots of the cloud were shot by someone else. the underside was shot by me. just wanted to show everyone the difference. it was the same cloud, ALL DAY LONG! it just hung there moving and changing ever so slowly. other kinds of wispy clouds would scoot by but the bulk of our "cloudship" remained and just floated around.

I'm on the big island of Hawaii on the Hamakua coast. the cloud appeared to hover between us and the summit of Mauna Kea. I noticed it in the morning and got the camera out and starting snapping shots every 10 or 15 mins. I was awestruck and still feel excited when I see the pictures or talk to people about it. I didn't leave the property the entire day. I heard the next afternoon that there was a picture of it in our paper. I still can't stop saying "Whooaaaaaaa!" I guess the important thing to note is that I didn't feel threatened, so much as honored, to be able to see this marvelous cloud.  ~Becky



Beam me up Scotty!  


Note the smaller cloud emerging!  
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