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Why you should believe me

Update 2- 2005:  MUST SEE Video: Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War    

Rosalie Bertell, author of Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War talks about earthquakes, HAARP, geophysical weapons.  (36 minutes) 

video: windows media at 8.8 mebibytes      

April 6, 2003

What you're looking at is the culmination of a year's work.  I don't  mean the website -- I mean the energy required to continually monitor the sky for a year, being willing to allow the sky to become a primary focus of attention.  Of course I was doing other things as well, but I'm constantly aware of what the sky overhead looks like and am prepared to drop what I'm doing and  run with the camera.

I've needed to remain alert  because these aerosol conditions change rapidly.  In 5 minutes everything can be different.  Striations are particularly difficult to catch.  Striated clouds often appear to vibrate and at other times their entire features and contours change.  They  actually "morph" like a computer generated image.  (see Electromagnetic radiation and Barium Clouds)

I spent months in total doubt about what I was seeing.  It was only after witnessing plane after plane making aerosol clouds, and then identifying these same aerosol textures and patterns again and again, day in and day out for months, that I was able to abandon the denial and disbelief that we are all inclined to have about this phenomenon.  The spraying is so widespread and so continual that you may need to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

Now I'm angry and dismayed.  The weather is freakish here.  I've had swollen glands and a minor sore throat for over 6 months and my short term memory is appalling.  I'm concerned about space weapons and about the use of ELF to influence our minds and bodies.

An investigation into the aerosol operation involves HAARP, electromagnetic frequencies, the ionosphere and magnetosphere, weather modification and the potential for influencing the minds of millions.  Seeing what is happening right overhead everyday continually renews my dedication to this project and to informing an unsuspecting public about a danger they would probably prefer to remain in denial about. The truth should be told, however, even if people don't want to hear it.


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