My most important near death experience

    I was in the hospital dying from anaphylactic shock.  Beautiful humanlike "Beings" who radiated light were with me and said it wasn't my time to go yet because my children were too small.  Then they showed me how I would have taken off towards my heart's desire had my dying process completed itself.  After passing through physical death we continue to move towards what we really want -- much as we do while alive on Earth. Those that want God and the Heavenly joys continue to move towards those.   People with Hellish desires put themselves in that condition because that's what they want.  God doesn't send anyone to Hell, they are allowed to send themselves.   We are granted our desire!   There are actually a great many "hells" to choose from.  It's very much the same as on Earth: People create their own heavens and hells. The primary difference is that in the afterlife they aren't all mixed together with the hell mongers inflicting their misery on the unconsenting.   Like attracts like.    The hellish often don't recognize that they are making hell. They can't or won't recognize that love and virtue are literally their own reward.  The heavenly condition is an eternal and infinite movement towards God and an increasing capacity for wisdom, love and joy.

After I was shown this the question became:  What, then, deep down, do I really desire?  The way to for me to honestly answer this question was to determine what I cared enough about to actually make sacrifices for.

Be careful what you wish for!

By God I mean the Great Spirit, the Creator, the All-Knowing, All-Loving, Self-Subsisting, the Help in Peril.



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