Hi Lydia,

Here is a posting of mine that explains how I believe this is all working together. I have studied this for 2 years now.

I will appeal to your common sense first and show a document entitled "Owning the Weather by 2025" which is found on a military site. It is a must read as well as the other facts I present. It can be found in the lower portion of my site at http://www.radarmatrix.com Again it is found on a military site so it does make a valid point that they are trying! I also produce a lot of documentation on government studies of weather manipulation.

Also take time to look into the patents and those I deem to be involved. The second part of my plead to your common sense is the "California Crisis" that happened as soon as Bush got into power and the republicans owned both the House and Senate. It has been proven that Enron was the culprit. Bushes number one contributor! Also note that our war in the middle east is about oil. You and I would not know where the middle east was if it were not for religion and oil. The owners of HAARP and this technology are energy traders and the oil cartel. They are owned by APTI and there is a link on my site.

They have in some instances helped out the drought. Especially in the lower eastern states. Which are highly Republican. This last winter we had what was called a "polar vortex" that allowed cold air to reach all the way down into Texas. In fact it happened quite a lot. Even Arizona and those states received unusual amounts of snow. This made people turn on their electricity and gas! Controlling the weather is a cash cow for the energy business. Especially when they are going bankrupt. Last year was the hottest ever recorded and there were at least 3 stories of huge chunks of Ice glaciers breaking away. Since the last election calculate all the new viruses that have popped up. Nor Folk, West Nile, monkey pox, anthrax, SARS etc. Why now?

You need to understand how the weather modification works. HAARP is a bunch of huge fields filled with antennas that heat up and latch onto the ionosphere. Once you have tapped into that massive amount of energy you need a way to lower it down to a level that can be controlled and you need to spread it. If you pay attention to Seattle WA radar you will see what I call "Fingers" coming off the radar. This radar is the most active in the US. Those "Fingers" are taping into HAARP's electrical influence. Those "fingers" are basically electrical lines that channel energy.

The next path for that is straight across to Great falls MT and down to Billings MT and then a direct root down the mountain range. Creating a wall of electricity...aka "Star Wars". Spend time and watch Billings, MT radar. Do a case study of this one! This radar sparks out fingers almost daily when you see the "mist" on Unisys Satellite repel. It is my belief that that is an electrical discharge. Why only this one and why so often? The Rockies are high up and that is how they channel the energy. many times you will see the isotopes latch on to that line from north to south. From there that energy can be used in many ways. A lot of electricity can be seen in the upper northwest, CONSTANTLY. If you don't have weathertap I suggest you get it because it shows the electricity in the air. This does fuel the fires in that region!

Once you have this wall of electricity and you throw in 140 radars/batteries you have an electrical field that can be influenced.  Studies have been taken of what is being sprayed in "chemtrails" and it is mostly Barium oxide. Which is found in magnets and batteries. They spray this stuff around radars which makes the air around radars conductive and allows them to tap into the weather. Take time to look up and learn the coordinates of your local radar and look in that direction a lot.

Last month and the one before we had 2 MASSIVE lows hover over the Colorado Ridge. It stayed there and gained hurricane like power. It then was let loose and created tons of wind, tornados etc. Major Destruction! My latest finding, and this is a new one, is that the Colorado ridge of radars are being highly charged. Very apparent on Weathertap. They are catching LOWS and holding them. If you watch Unisys Satellite and you see what I call the "mist" repel you will see that it causes a vacuum. The higher the "mist" draws up the more moister that is pulled in. This vacuum draws right up the east side of the Rockies and it fuels those LOws that are being held. Right now that "mist" is drawing all the way to Alaska. It is my belief that HAARP has influence in that vacuum!

Right now we practically have rain ALL OVER the US. This is not from fronts colliding it is because their is MASSIVE amounts of energy in the air as well as TONS upon TONS of moisture floating in it. Throw in a very high vacuum that brings that moister down and you have a horizontal plane of collision.

The government has visited my site quite often as well. In fact the first to do so was a DOD site that was an internal firewall for the DOD. In which my site has been blocked from those who work inside the gov. I've had the veterans visit my site often. I get around 3000 hits a month as well. People from all over the globe.

There is a House Resolution 2977 that you can read in the bottom menu of my site. It specifically talked about "chemtrails" and the control of space. In fact Dennis Kucinich was recently asked about chemtrails and he stated that "they are real"

It is good to be skeptical but that is why I made my site. To put pure fact in front of your nose and my findings. If after all that you don't believe, hey that's fine by me. I'm convinced. George Washington himself won a battle by attacking in the dead of winter so weather has always been a key for military. Last week St. Petersburg Russia had its 100th anniversary. I have documents and stories on my site in which PUTIN point of fact said that they were going to control the weather so that it is not raining. Same with China and their "Brown Cloud"

keep in mind it is this admin and those put into position that have had the wet dream of "Star Wars" To control space! If you think missile defense is a "bullet to bullet" technology then we better all kiss our asses good bye if a missile comes at us.  That is prehistoric thinking! "Star Wars" and missile defense is an electrical field above your head...ala Tesla! Only problem is that missiles are not an occurrence so they have settled in on screwing around with the weather.