A letter from a reader about the Rothschild Towers or Golden Pyramids

I don't know what to make of this, but post it for the benefit of those who do or who live in this area of Montana.

The problem is much more serious than you have realized so far.

I don't believe the towers here are GWEN, or weather control, although the towers make long spokes like a wheel of artificial clouds.

These towers are concealed, but look like the tower in the Montauk video, that video location where the creature-like apparition is located.

These towers affect weather, however at and near their intersection, they are made to kill either by disappearance or by stopping life in a synapse and three other means more difficult to describe.

There is time and space displacements in the proximity of the towers, if the towers are ON.

Young Ricky, a Rothschild, refers to the towers as "golden pyramids". One tower, he refers to as a "golden pyramid" is in his uncle's property, on North Fork road, past Poleridge, MT.

Another tower is at 113 N and 48 W, near Mt. May, in the The Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Another tower is at the joining of the Marias River and the Missouri River, near Frietas Road south and east of Shelby, MT.

Another tower is near Kalispell, MT, east and south.

Another tower is North of Kalispell, MT, past the mountains edge West of Airport Road.

There is an aluminum plant, between Hungry Horse, MT and Columbia Falls, MT for burning up evidence.

There is Plum Lumber Mill, north of Highway 2, near Columbia Falls, MT for grinding up remains.

The lumber mill and the aluminum plant are both owned now, by Rothchilds.

The region North into Canada and South into Wyoming, and West of The West Slope of The Rocky Mountains is claimed by the Rothchilds as three "ranches" existing before Montana statehood. There are three goldmines. I have met two

owners: Ricky owns the goldmine on Jean Baptist mountain and Jon Hall owns the goldmine on Columbia mountain. The Halls are bankers that financed Hitler.

From Martin City valley, to Polson "processing station" railroad up from the South, to Columbia Falls, MT for laborers and guards, to Hungry Horse, MT to Whitefish, MT to Red Meadow Road, on the North Fork Road, immediately North of Rick's uncle's address are important and key locations I have found, for their operations, their helipads, their homes, their high IQ selected children's homeschool, all for reduction of the world's population, without being detected.

I have had other people tell me, the railroad tunnels near Rexton, MT have entire trains go in and not come out, believing the track in there is diverted to an underground complex, for processing, that is for "killing" people, by the railroad car load. I don't know that.

I have seen a trail enter a tunnel at the southern edge of Glacier National Park, and not come out of the tunnel, and that train that entered was longer than the apparent size, from the outside appearance, of the entire length of the tunnel.

I have had other people tell me, the abandoned large underground and above ground "gas lines" are for moving human remains, as liquid. I don't know that. The so-called abandoned lines however do go straight to the aluminum plant. The aluminum plant was shut down, with exclusive security, with modifications made to the Hall effect cells, under the level of the liquid aluminum, when the plant employees were allowed to return to their job.

The persons with the towers and the local organization of "Albert Pike" masons in Valier, MT are absolutely intrigued by me, because I have not been killed and I am not harmed by their machines. The "Albert Pike" masons founder with Manzini (spelling?), planned WWI, WWII, and a planned WWIII, setting in motion Marx's Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto, from U.K. and the Rogenvelts aka Roosevelt and Rockefellers the early Bauer the Farmer the Rothchilds brought us into WWI, WWII and using the pharmaceutical corporations and biological warfare weaponzed genetic-specific "plagues" of Porton Downs, U.K. are arranging for a totalitarian, police state to keep the population reduction, on course.

Liberals and conservatives, black and white are meaningless: this is manipulation, social engineering and pure propaganda. There are no political parties, the only candidates that get on the federal ticket are members and former members of the Council of Foreign Relations, under David Rockefeller or the World Trade Organization. The prime real estate was "donated" to the United Nations, by the Rockefellers. The only so called world leaders that rise to apparent power, proved theirselves first as mass-murderers in their own country, as did the present Secretary General.

I believe anything that lessens what we are used to calling immunity, is the purpose of the "contrails" and the stuff put in the atmosphere, and the so called "mind control" actually, only affecting our electrical fields and natural wave frequencies, is for population reduction.

If the NWO people do reduce the world's population, as Ted Turner said on Billings, MT broadcast radio and as "Prince" Philip in UK has said publicly, then if everyone everywhere were dead, except North America, using 1991 census figures, then only less than 1 in 4 in the entire region known as North America would remain alive ! Do the math !

In fact, these social engineers inner cadre, headed up by Nathan Rothschild, believe they are actually children of Satan, or at least have drunk from "Satan's Cup", are in a murder-suicide pact. Not everyone having drunk from "Satan's Cup" know this: this grand plan is for a "resurrection" of Satan, not Christ. Furthermore, these people also are to be betrayed, and sacrificed. The empty bench, in the Great Pyramid is the place for the "resurrection" or taking a body by Satan, not a lesser rebellious entity, but actually by Satan.

We may not believe this stuff, but "they" believe it !

I am white. As a Native American would say, I am a guardian.