America’s Secret Establishment -- An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones Skull and Bones"

 Skull and Bones


Hello Everyone,

 This is a group mailing to friends and family about an amazing book I just discovered.  It’s so important that everyone should know about it, but it has been kept in obscurity since it was published in 1983.  The author was a London-born economics professor and scholar with Stanford University who recently passed on.  His name is Antony Sutton and he must be some kind of genius.  


 The book is “America’s Secret Establishment -- An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones”.  It isn't crackpot conspiracy theory.  It is a masterful work of research and scholarship written in a refreshingly concise and readable style.  It provides evidence, (no -- proof!) that a secret group known as “The Order” has been in this country for 150 years and is creating a New World Order.  They use Hegelian tactics to control the world through conflict.  They therefore financed both the Bolshevik revolution AND the Nazi’s.  We have all been taught that these 2 groups are enemies – left versus right.  But the truth is that both fascists and commies are Hegelian systems.  They both believe that the individual serves the State, rather than that the State should serve the individual.  A powerful clique of Ultra wealthy Americans secretly funded the Bolshevik revolution and the Nazi’s.  And this clique continues to vastly expand its power today.  The masses of regular people have been duped again and again into letting "them" decide the nature of the conflicts, and therefore the nature of the game.  It's a hellish game, which is largely why the world is becoming such a hellish place for most of its 4 billion inhabitants.  Antony Sutton has shown where Wall Street gold has gone, who has controlled the major Foundations and what the goals of these foundations has actually been, etc.  Enough details are there to make an overwhelming case to support his thesis.


For instance, by creating and controlling the National Education Association  (NEA)  The Order has accomplished the Dumbing Down of America – Starting with the Dewey system and the “look and say” method of teaching reading.


It all sounds a lot like “1984”, because it is.


II won't try to summarize his main points.  Perhaps it will suffice to say that in 248 pages he shows:


How the Order Controls Education


How the Order Creates War and Revolution 


The Secret Cult of the Order.


 I ordered the book through Barnes and Noble.  Here is an interview with Sutton:  Here is a website about him:  .


 It is important to know that there are actually 2 main groups working to establish a New World Order.   One is Hellish, while the other is Heavenly.  They have BOTH been active for 150 years and are both emerging from relative obscurity into the world's awareness.  Just coincidence?  No, there are hidden, spiritual forces shaping the destiny of the planet.  The human heart is the battleground for cosmic forces. The issue isn't about whether there will be a new world order.  That's already happening.  The world gets smaller everyday!  The issue is: Who will have power and authority in this new world --  the individual or the state?  (And who or what is "the state"?  Why, the elite, of course!)  And how does God fit into all of this?


Please check this out.  It is so refreshing to know what is going on – To be able to look at both the news and history and understand much of the madness.



                                                                                                          Best wishes to all --  Lydia



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