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This information may be especially valuable in light of the recent 2004 Hurricanes:

Subject: Isabel -- I say they made her do it -- too convenient given the technology, the secrecy, the motivation, the capability, the depraved criminality 
Email received: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 1:28 AM


Isabel:  I say they made her do it.      By Dick Eastman M.S. M.A.

It seems that we had a deliberate effort to stifle successful efforts to make hurricanes less damaging at the very time that the national weather bureau and other weather-related government agencies were being privatized.   The National Weather Service, like the Federal Reserve Bank, the Atomic Energy Commission and the National Science Foundation  is a privately owned and controlled organization.  Each operating in their respective fields in totally unregulated and largely unsupervised environments, with the public thinking that each is part of the government."

We are not only seeing the deliberate decision to let disaster happen when it could be prevented -- we are seeing something much worse -- the deliberate use of this technology developed by minds that sought to help mankind being used as a means of destroying our homes and killing our people for the sake of "disaster-industry " profit and "national-emergency" power.

Is your Administration in  trouble in Washington?  Maybe you are a Defense Secretary running the nation for the not-so-swift President and you have started a few wars and killed a few thousand Americans in a pretext for those wars and something has gone wrong and the cover-story is not "taking" as you had planned.


What to do?
Send a hurricane through Washington DC that will put out the lights for a while and grab all the headlines and give new no-other-choice political power over lives of people who might otherwise turn on you (i.e., power to dispense FEMA emergency relief and reconstruction contracts.)
But how?
Very simple.  Haven't you heard of Clandestine Weather Modification (CWM)?
Lets start with Induced Cyclogenesis
First send a fleet of cloud-laying aircraft (called "chemtrail planes" by those who do not know the function of these operations).  to warmest seas in the northern latitudes, but not too close to the equator, because you need the Coriolis effect to set things spinning.   Go when the seas are warmest, i.e., after a summer of warming, say in September, where sear-surface temperatures exceed 80 degrees F (i.e., 27 degrees Centigrade).   Do this at Latitude 15-degrees N  in the Southern North Atlantic just west of Cape Verde, those islands just west of the western-most part of Africa (left of Senegal on the globe).
Next you start laying a doughnut hole of cloud around the chosen spot.  The doughnut will make a shadow around a section of warm water, and this shadow, from continuously laid and position adjusting cloud laying, will cool the sea surface around the warm spot you have chosen.  But cooler ocean water does not warm the air directly above it as much as direct-sunlight  heated water will -- thus air will not rise (there will be less convection) leaving a vacuum behind as the heated air rises away from the sea surface --  thus the pressure will not be as low as it is in the still-sunlit doughnut-hole center of cloud you have layed.  In this way you will have set up the potential energy difference that will generate a hurricane.  All that is left is to intensify it (which may not even be necessary) -- and steer it  (using the usual CWM techniques of creating relative highs through laying cloud ("chemtrailing") -- these highs will serve to push the entire hurricane system away, deflecting it from its natural course, to a course of your choosing.  (Other means are available -- but we won't complicate the story right now -- this means is sufficient to convince you of the existence of sufficient technology to accomplish this crime).
The higher pressure air surrounding the warm-water center will attempt to move in -- but the molecules of the atmosphere (i.e., the lighter water vapor and the heavier nitrogen and oxygen etc.) in heading for the center will curve in clockwise fashion due to the earth rotating west to east from beneath their paths -- causing all the particles moving from the high-pressure doughnut shadow in towards the still super-warm low pressure center  a counter-clockwise rotation.
Here are the fundamentals of CWM , but check this later, in this letter we are talking about the intensification and steering of hurricanes so they can be used as military, economic and political instruments of  Machiavellian plutocratic governance.  CWM Fundamentals:  
Here is my draft in progress  -  just in case I don't have the chance to  get it out  -- 
Just as there are people who are ready to admit that the globalist ruling elite knew that the September 11, 2001 attacks were coming yet purposely let the terror succeed, but who are, for various reasons unrelated to the power of the evidence, reluctant to admit that our leadership actually planned and executed a false-flag inside-job mass-murder frame-up to realize the economic and geopolitical goals of the criminal elite, so too there are people ready to admit that this same ruling elite have sat on weather modification technologies that could have abated the intensity and/or redirected the path of  recent catastrophic hurricanes that have created a bonanza for FEMA and FEMA's preferred contractors, not unlike the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the domestic war on terror have created bonanzas for the military-industrial-spook complex,  but are not willing to admit that these same deviant elites may have utilized clandestine weather modification technologies to intensify and direct these tropical cyclones to the most destructive courses and energies possible.
As one who knows for certain from the evidence that this ruling elite did in fact plan and execute the 9-11 black-op for the sake of Big Finance, Big Business, Big Government and Big Zionism and as one who has uncovered the technology and geo-science of clandestine weather modification,  I need to share with you, and especially the victims in lives (22 souls) and or property of hurricane Isabel and the patriot-voter-taxpayer, my grounds for suspicion that Isabel has been as opportune for the criminal ruling elite of the US as was September 11.
But this requires some educational/technical discussion before you can even make sense of the evidence.
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In the generation, intensification and steering of hurricanes  basic earth physics is utilized.  Only a few important  physical processes  need to be understood in order to grasp the principles of clandestine weather modification (CWM), the unofficial name  for the  applied science that yields prediction and control of  the behavior and disposition of economically significant weather events, including hurricanes like Isabel, shown above.
These basic earth physics processes are:
1)  the rising of heated air and simultaneous creation of a  low-pressure vacuum (depression)  that occurs below when air departs upward -- these low pressure areas creating the potential energy that must occasion a redistribution of surrounding higher pressure air to fill the relative vacuum -- the primary mechanism of wind. 
2) the different per-square-inch intensities of direct sun energy at different latitudes (greatest at the equator, least at the poles (not unlike the longitudinal difference between the sun at noon and the sun at dusk or dawn -- except that the former changes by the seasons as the tilted earth revolves around the sun, and not hour by hour during a single day.)
3) the changes in latent heat that result when water changes back and forth from its three natural states (solid, liquid, gas -- i.e., ice-crystal , water droplets, invisible vapor)  -- the conservation of energy requires that when in any system there is a reduction of energy in water so that vapor becomes water or water becomes ice that that the energy subtracted to effect these decreasing energy phases of water  does not disappear, but instead is released as  latent heat, i.e., a warming of the air, i.e., a rise in temperature accompanying condensation, releasing about 600 calories of heat for every gram of water condensed. (And, in the reverse process,  600 calories of heat are absorbed, subtracting from atmospheric temperature, when there is evaporation of a gram of atmospheric water.) And, similarly,    melting absorbs and freezing (crystallization) releases respectively  about 80 calories per gram of water. This is thus another source of heat, other than the heating of the ground by direct sunlight, that can contribute to the lifting of air and the creation of pressure lows, as in (1) above.
4) the ability of clouds (of ice crystals and/or water droplets) to absorb or reflect heat energy from the sun, keeping surface areas from become as warmed as it would be otherwise -- with the result that the air near the surface will not become as warm as otherwise, and therefore will not rise as quickly as otherwise, and therefore will not create as low a pressure area following its lesser  upwards departure as otherwise --  this, by the way, is the purpose of "chemtrails" in clandestine weather modification -- to block the suns energy from reaching and heating the surface of the ground so that there will be less heating of air and rising of air at the grounds surface, effecting higher than otherwise pressure in the lower atmosphere under shadowed areas of earth surface.
5) the fact that  air to cool at progressively higher altitudes within the troposphere, which is the name for the lower atmosphere as high as convective rising of air reaches --  the troposphere reaches its highest altitude above the eye of a hurricane, which is a great pillar of rising heated air, originally started by air rising from heated water in the the latitudes of the oceans which are the same latitudes where  the great deserts (Sahara etc.) are found on land  -- but which are then added to by the latent heat accompanying condensation most heavy in the wall of the eye, where rains are torrential.
6) the introduction of cyclonic  spin on the moving currents of air due to the rotation of the earth.  If take the world globe off your desk, remove the stand and give it to a basketball start who will spin it on his finger, the finger touching the "south pole"  and if you put "Crazylegs the Super Ant") on the north pole  who then throws a rolled up aphid to another ant standing on Bermuda, the aphid, flying in a straight line, will appear to the ants on the globe spinning west to east, to move in a clockwise direction, and continuing to move in what appears to be a clockwise direction when the ant standing on Bermuda throws the aphid back to the ant standing on the pole. To the ants the pitches will all be curve balls veering to the right, when thrown from north to south and veering to the left when thrown from south to north.   In like fashion, atmospheric molecules and particles moving in the northern hemisphere do not move in straight lines relative to the moving ground of the rotating earth, but also follow clockwise-curving  paths in the northern hemisphere.  This means that when air rushes towards the low pressure eye of the hurricane from all directions with the earth rotating from west to east  beneath, the result is a vast counter-clockwise movement around the eye. 
So air rushes in, in a counter-clockwise cyclone, raining heavily, the creation of rain releasing tremendous latent heat  (recall how when you boil water the temperature never goes above 212 degrees F  -- the hotter you make the stove the faster the boil, but the added heat goes into the atmosphere as latent heat (faster jiggling molecules of vapor, nitrogen, oxygen etc.  --  but even more latent heat is released in condensation from vapor in the air to water droplets --   which heat causes air to "climb the walls" -- that is climb the spiral staircase up the walls of the hurricane eye.  And the more this happens the faster the spin and the greater the pressure differential.  (Technology has been proven to mitigate the intensity of the hurricane -- but that is one of the secrets that the government is keeping from the public -  discoverable only by research into past research and current findings and instrumentation and software development by the Big Weather establishment.)
Air rising at the center due to the increased latent heat  creates the vacuum that sucks (rather than throws) surrounding air towards the center, a central movement deflects each particle in a clockwise direction so that the whole system of air around the eye acquires  a counter-clockwise spin.
Note that the "eye" of the hurricane is not an essential feature in all this, except during the period of cyclogenesis which I have described above.  The eye only exists  the spin lacks speed/energy to squeeze it closed.  All energies are converging via a spiral, on a ring, i.e., on the  walls of the eye, not on the eye itself.  The ring exists because points on the ring of the cyclone "eye" wall can only suck in air from outside the ring, there being no pressure of air on at the center, i.e., in the eye, to draw upon. 
When air climbs to the top of the eye-wall cylinder of cumulonimbus cloud and above the inrush of pressure on all sides, the updraft spreads out as ice crystal cirrus and cirrostratus cloud, but not before, more and more latent energy has been released as the vapor in the rising air is successively condensed and crystallized, releasing new latent heat to move this gigantic eat engine.
But the column of rising air in the center eventually rises above the lower clockwise-deflecting inward rush of the counter-clockwise-surrounding air, and when it does so the lifted air no longer being contained by surrounding inrushing air, spreads out.
 heat that does the throws the air molecules and water molecules outward and upward in a clockwise spiral, to cooler regions of the troposphere, where condensation occurs, releasing more energy, and raising the molecules yet higher until there is no more heat to be gained and the risen air that has spiraled up in a clockwise spin, then cools and comes down in a counter-clockwise (anti-cyclone) over an area of from 50 to 800 miles across, the great counter-clockwise spiral of cloud of a hurricane.  This deflecting property of particles moving in the atmosphere of a spinning ball, called the Coriolis Effect, is strongest at the poles but non-existent on the equator.  Thus hurricanes do not actually spawn where the waters are hottest, but where both warmth and Coriolis Effect (which does not exist on the equator)  are together sufficient to generate the  spiraling rise of a column of air.
Around the tropical belt the suns rays hit the ground and ocean surface with greatest intensity, the most heat per square inch.  Thus land and sea are warmed more than at other latitudes which raises the air that has been warmed near the heated surface. 
 Hurricanes can be steered modifying pressure conditions along the course of the system and by altering its internal mass distribution and spin characteristics using seeding and cloud dissipating (heating) technologies (from use of carbon black to heat an arm of the hurricane or, if you believe it exists, employing the HAARP system to direct electro-magnetic energies  at the right hour to critical sections of the vortex. 
To create pressure highs that will steer the systems, cloud generation ("chemtrailing") is utilized.  In the case of Beulah we have witnesses of the massive contrailing that was involved in directing it to its destructive course. 
For example"
Thomas Chittum writes:

I live in Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.   On Sunday, September 8th, the weather was great. The temperature was about 80 and there was no wind. I took  a walk in the park about noon, and when I looked up, the sky looked like something from the Book of Revelations.

The entire dome of the sky was crisscrossed with dozens of chemtrails, I would estimate there were at least fifty. About half were thin like normal contrails, and the rest were the spreading type. There was a pattern to the chemtrails. About three-fourths seemed to radiate out of a point on the horizon to the East, and then they spread out over the sky, and then they merged together again at a point on the horizon to the West. At both points on the horizon where the trails merged, they formed a huge cloud or hazy area.  Other chemtrails crisscrossed the sky at random. All the chemtrails stretched from horizon to horizon unbroken, which I suppose means that there was no wind at their altitude.

There were only a few normal clouds in the sky, maybe a dozen or so medium-sized ones. About half of the sky was covered with chemtrails, and this condition persisted for hours. The sky looked very much like the pictures in this link, which an anonymous area resident took of an another Chemtrail day earlier this year.

There was no mention of this amazing Arial display on the evening news or weather reports, and likewise no coverage in the next day's newspapers. I know next to nothing about these chemtrails, but I'm going to do some digging, for sure. I'm also going to watch for similar outbreaks in the future, and report on them, and I advise others to do the same.
AFP) -- Hurricane Isabel left at least 21 people dead, millions without power and an insurance bill of several billion dollars in its devastating wake across the eastern United States.
The storm also caused widespread transport havoc and kept the federal government closed for a second day.
Downgraded to a tropical storm late Thursday, Isabel toppled thousands of trees and power lines in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Washington after landfall Thursday, packing 160-kilometer-an-hour (100-mile-an-hour) winds at its peak.
The storm moved north into Canada Friday as a massive clean-up operation got underway, but dozens of flights remained cancelled after an estimated 1,500 were called off the day Isabel hit.
Most of the 21 deaths were caused by traffic accidents as trees and electricity poles were felled by the storm.
Virginia was the worst-hit state, with fourteen fatalities reported by the state's Department of Emergency Management.
One power worker in North Carolina was electrocuted as he tried to reconnect supplies at a power substation in driving rain, a woman was crushed to death in her car by a tree and two people died in Maryland as a result of the storm.
A man in Maryland was killed when his car was struck by a falling power pole.
In Pennsylvania, a man was killed when his car was blown off the road in the strong winds and a man drowned off the coast of Rhode Island after being swept from the shore by high waves.
More than 2.7 million people remained without power Friday including 1.5 million in Virginia, over 450,000 in North Carolina, 200,000 in Pennsylvania and thousands across in Maryland, greater Washington and West Virginia.
Virginia's Dominion Power said it could take up to a week to get all its customers reconnected.
"This outage is the worst in Virginia's history." said Jimmy Staton, a Dominion senior vice president.
Utilities warned people not to touch downed power lines, especially in flooded areas.
Companies handed out dry ice to the public to help preserve food. In Virginia, some district authorities advised the public to boil water before drinking because of possible contamination.
Virginia Governor Mark Warner paid tribute to emergency workers who fought through the night to rescue people trapped in floods and to free debris that was causing floods. "There were a lot of heroic stories," he said.
Along the Outer Banks, a chain of islands off the North Carolina coast, dozens of houses were flooded and roofs ripped off, and roads were cut off.
President George W. Bush declared Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina emergency disaster areas so they could claim federal aid. Virginia reported that at least 15,000 people had sought refuge in 66 shelters around the state, due to heavy flooding.
The Potomac River flooded parts of Alexandria, just south of Washington, and streets around Baltimore's harbour were under one meter (3 feet) of water.
The cost of the massive clean-up operation is expected to run to several billion dollars, according to Philip Crowley, a spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute in New York.
"We could see the economic impact of hurricane Isabel running into several billions of dollars," Crowley, said explaining the hurricane had a broader economic impact due to the closure of the federal government.
Federal government offices in Washington closed Thursday as Isabel bore down on the US capital, and 360,000 federal workers were given Friday off as well.
The city's metro transit system was reopened, after shutting down Thursday before the storm hit.
The storm shut down Washington's Reagan National Airport and other smaller airports throughout the region.
Isabel was still blowing at about 65 kilometers (40 miles) an hour Friday as it moved into Canada.
Copyright © 2002 AFP. All rights reserved. All information displayed in this section (dispatches, photographs, logos) are protected by intellectual property rights owned by Agence France-Presse. As a consequence you may not copy, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, display or in any way commercially exploit any of the contents of this section without the prior written consent of Agence France-Presses.




(Bulletin American Meteorological Society, 1971, p 735.)


Dr. McDonald had a major impact on the atmospheric sciences as a result of his service on the Panel on Weather and Climate Modification of the National Academy of Sciences. His work with this group tells much about the man. He joined it just after an early preliminary report gave a pessimistic view on the status of the subject. Dr. McDonald tended to share this view with the general community of atmospheric scientists. On the other hand, certain scientists, particularly those associated with operational cloud-seeding organizations, strongly objected to the negative tone of the report. Dr. McDonald agreed to carry out a careful examination of data and reports of a large number of cloud-seeding projects, particularly those conducted by commercial operators. As a result, he convinced himself and the Panel that there was reason for optimism about the efficacy of procedures for increasing precipitation by means of ice-nuclei seeding. This notion, expressed in the Panel's final report in 1966, had a marked effect on the progress of weather modification in the United States. Subsequent research has supported and extended the earlier optimistic views.
During the past year he played a crucial role on the Project Stormfury Advisory Panel as it sought to evaluate the results of experiments aimed at reducing the intensity of hurricanes.
A member of the AMS since 1944, Dr. McDonald served on the Publications Commission from 1958 to 1961 and during 1966. He participated in the Committee on Water Resources from 1961 to 1965 and the Committee on the History of the Atmospheric Sciences from 1967 to 1970.
Not surprisingly. Dr. McDonald had strong opinions on the problems of society and was often involved in public debates on such important questions as those dealing with civil rights and racial problems. Most recently, he was deeply committed to the analysis of the effects of SST emissions on the atmosphere. He spent hundreds of hours studying the relevant printed material and consulting with experts in many related disciplines. Having concluded that SST emissions could reduce ozone concentrations, increase ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth and lead to increases in the frequency of skin cancer, he did his utmost to convince other scientists, laymen and politicians that the SST represented a danger to society.
Over the last few years. Dr. McDonald gave considerable attention to the analysis of reports of Unidentified Flying Objects. As was his custom, he approached the problem as a scientific one, he studied all available information and evidence, he interviewed hundreds of people and made detailed analyses of possible explanations. This investigation brought him into conflict with certain scientists and engineers. He maintained that the pursuit of satisfactory explanations for UFO reports represented an important scientific problem which was not getting adequate attention. He found few allies in this scientific quest, and many of the relevant questions still remain unanswered.
Dr. McDonald was a man of integrity and great courage. He was loved and admired by a great many people, he was respected by everyone who stopped to listen, he made a lasting impact on many facets of the atmospheric sciences and society, and he will be missed much more than we now realize.
What was accomplished for the American organized-crime plutocratic police-state?


Weather As A Weapon
by Scott Corrales

A report by the Central Intelligence Agency, cited in a 1977 Saturday Review editorial, hinted that world governments were already able to manipulate the weather for military purposes. The report probably had in mind the highly successful efforts at tampering with the weather over North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in order to make the Ho Chi Minh trail impassable.

The USSR had also turned an eye toward using the environment as a weapon, but looked down rather than up: In 1993, a high-ranking KGB officer, Oleg Kalugin, told a London newspaper that the former Soviet Union had been actively engaged in geophysical weapon research even as the superpowers held talks to reduce the size of their nuclear deterrents.
Floremce W. van Straten, Weather or Not (New York:  Dodd, Mead CO., 1966, p. 216 )
"...The Navy and the Weather Bureau together are engaged  in Project Stormfury, an effort to modify and control hurricanes.  For the past several years, they have been flying into or over hurricanes, dispersing large quantities of silver iodide into the wall coulds in an attempt to reduce  severity or change the course of the giant storms.  Parenthetically, it should be noted that what they are doing is a heat-control experiment.  While the silver iodide converts liquid-water droplets to ice, it is not the ice-crystals they are interested in.  What concerns them is that for every point of water they change to ice, the release more than 36,000 calories in a limited section of the storm.  This is roughly enough heat to reiase the temperature of 13 ounces of liquid water from the freezing point to the boiling point.  (Look up the effect of carbon black.)
"...Fundamentally, the function of "weather" is to achieve a balance between the extremes of conditions prevailing in the tropics and at the poles.  Perhaps more important than all the individual outbursts of cold and warm air following the various frontal passages in bringing some measure of equalization is the occasional hurricane or typhoon.  The energy transported across the latitudinal divisions by these tropical giants during their week or more of life defies description.  From their birth just off the equator to their death often in latitude d0 degrees or 60 degrees,, they survive as great extratropical cyclones encompassing areas as large as half a continent.
No Rain on the Plains of Spain

It happened in the least likely setting: the region surrounding the Spanish province of Soria. On September 4, 1995, Felix Lopez, a resident of the town of Almazul, looked up to the sky--filled with dark gray rain clouds--and was surprised to see a small passenger plane taking a daring dive into one of the dark cloud banks. According to the witness, the small aircraft buzzed around the clouds for a couple of hours, causing them to break up and vanish. Later that same afternoon, when rain-bearing clouds gathered again, Lopez heard the sound of the plane's engines. The return of the "rain pirates" prompted Lopez to phone the local government, but no action was taken.

For over a decade, farmers and growers in this semi-arid area have expressed a belief that small private aircraft have been engaged in concerted "cloudbusting" activities over Soria in an effort to turn Spain into a desert. The provincial government expressed its concern to author Javier Sierra that vigilante groups of angry farmers may try to shoot down innocent air traffic (reminiscent of the rancher frenzy during the "black helicopter" frenzy in the U.S. during the 1970's). "A third of the province is under alarm," commented one spokesman.

More disturbing is the fact that civilian air authorities have been unable to find the flight routes or the identity of these "rain pirates". Military radar facilities were enlisted to track the flyers as they engaged in their activities without much success, either.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to point out that the troubles began the year of Spain's accession to the European Community in 1985. The "ghost planes" or rain pirates made their appearance shortly after and the country announced that it would have to curtail its grain production so as not to compete with other European grain growers. The crisis grew to such proportions that an organization known as the Moncayo Small Aircraft Association (AVIMON, in Spanish) was formed to publicly denounce the rain pirates. "Whenever a storm was on the way," stated organization leader Ernesto Garcia during an interview with Javier Sierra, "we'd always see low-flying aircraft and the storm would dissipate immediately afterward. We began to feel that something was going on, but of course, to say that an airplane was stealing rain from you by means of some chemical agent was a sure invitation to laughter."

The problem was not circumscribed to northern Spain: drought-stricken Andalucˇa was reportedly visited by the rain pirates and their untraceable aircraft. The authorities, however, firmly refused to believe in the existence of any "cloudbusting" substances and careful checks of local airports and military bases did not reveal the existence of any unusual aircraft or flight plans. However, one C ndido Navarro allegedly photographed the small aircraft and the strange contrails left in their wake which supposedly contained the cloudbusting reagent. Meteorologist Carlos Gonzalez-Cutre went as far as inquiring if military authorities had drawn up contingency plans against possible farmer aggression in the event that one of their own planes was forced to land in the region, given the high level of tension involved.
By 1965, the mantle of artificial rain-maker had fallen on the shoulders of Dr. Richard Blasband, who conducted a series of thirty eight rain-making operations with a success ratio of 18 induced downpours when the chances of rain were only ten per cent, according to the local weather bureau.
The White Paper from Hell

Could Project Stormfury's accidental discoveries have evolved into a workable atmospheric weapon? This possibility is borne out by a number of highly unusual situations taking place over the continental United States today.

The Environmental News Service is investigating numerous reports of "massive grid-work patterns in the sky" seemingly created by an armada of aircraft engaged in the spraying of a substance that causes illness in the populations below. One of the Service's reports features an interview with a missile engineer formerly employed by the Raytheon company who has been following these events. According to the engineer, the aircraft employed in these events are USAF jets spraying a substances similar to the silver iodide used in "cloud seeding" operations (echoes of Spain's rain pirates and Project Stormfury's hurricane-busters). ENS's informant is adamant that the contrail phenomenon forms part of a military application aimed at developing a meteorological war-fighting capability that would bring unfriendly nations to their knees.

This provocative statement is substantiated by a Pentagon-sponsored web page. A white paper entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025", suggests that cloud seeding technology enables the production and enhancement of storm conditions. This speculative document, authored by a group of military think-tankers dubbed the "Air Force 2025 Support Staff", offers a variety of military possibilities that would terrify anyone but Darth Vader: weather modification tools to create "small-to-medium scale weather phenomena" aimed at improving one's own troops tactical position and "degrade those of the adversary"; Storm triggering/enhancement using airborne cloud seeding; fog generation/dissipation using directed energy techniques, and of course, a variety of beam weapons. The paper's abstract succinctly states:

"In 2025, US aerospace forces can "own the weather" by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the warfighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible...In the US, weather modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include: unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the UN, or participation in a coalition. Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includes weather modification, its use in our national military strategy will naturally follow."




A tropical cyclone draws most of its energy from latent heat, released as water vapor as rising air condenses into clouds and rain. At low levels, warm, moist air spirals over the tropical sea toward the storm's center, carrying copious quantities of heat, fueling the storm.

Just as a twirling figure skater gains speed by moving her arms in toward her body, the air spiraling inward from the outer fringes of the hurricane drives up wind speeds as the air gets closer to the center. The highest winds are generally found at the inner edge of the storm's eye wall.

At the eye wall, air is carried upward and spirals away from the center of the hurricane as the outflow layer at the top of the storm. Researchers thought that if they could cause this spiraling air to spread farther from the center of the hurricane, it would be like extending the arms of the ice skater.





Stormfury attempted to weaken hurricanes

By Jack Williams,

Watching monster hurricanes bear down on populated areas raises a question: Can't we stop these things?

Preposterous as the idea might sound, scientists have tried to do just that -- and failed. But does that mean it's an idea that can't work?

Dulling the fangs of such monster storms is something that scientists studied for nearly 20 years before giving up on the idea in 1980. The scientific successes of World War II, such as the development of radar and the atomic bomb, led to a feeling that science could accomplish anything, maybe even find a way to turn aside or destroy hurricanes.

But turning a hurricane aside would require scientists somehow to change the rivers of wind that run from near the ocean's surface to high in the atmosphere. Those winds, covering thousands of square miles, steer hurricanes.

Why not bomb the storm in the middle of the ocean to break it up?

Scientists determined that would be like trying to stop a freight train by placing a feather on the tracks.

''A mature hurricane of moderate strength and size releases as much condensation heat energy in a day as the fusion energy of about 400 hydrogen super bombs,'' Robert and Joanne Simpson wrote in a report to the Project Stormfury Advisory Panel, a scientific body formed in 1964 to try to find hurricanes' ''Achilles' heel.''

At the time Robert Simpson was head of the U.S. Hurricane Research program and Joanne was one of the world's leading tropical weather researchers. He went on to become director of the National Hurricane Center. She is now the chief scientist for meteorology at NASA's Goodard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

''In the face of this gargantuan machine,'' the Simpsons said in 1964, ''man's puny resources do not allow the brute force, head-on, or trial-and-error approaches.''

Some researchers, including the Simpsons, believed that a hurricane's Achilles' heel might be its internal engine. A tropical cyclone draws most of its energy from latent heat, released as water vapor as rising air condenses into clouds and rain. At low levels, warm, moist air spirals over the tropical sea toward the storm's center, carrying copious quantities of heat, fueling the storm.

Just as a twirling figure skater gains speed by moving her arms in toward her body, the air spiraling inward from the outer fringes of the hurricane drives up wind speeds as the air gets closer to the center. The highest winds are generally found at the inner edge of the storm's eye wall.

At the eye wall, air is carried upward and spirals away from the center of the hurricane as the outflow layer at the top of the storm. Researchers thought that if they could cause this spiraling air to spread farther from the center of the hurricane, it would be like extending the arms of the ice skater.

They turned to the work of the late Bernard Vonnegut, brother of novelist Kurt Vonnegut. In 1946 he discovered that silver iodide could be used to ''seed'' clouds. If the silver iodide were dropped in clouds of ''supercooled'' water -- water that is colder than 32 degrees but is not frozen -- it would turn the water to ice crystals that would fall as snow. In summer, the snow would melt on the way down to become rain.

The Stormfury hypothesis was to seed the first rain band outside the wall of clouds around the eye. The seeding would cause supercooled water to turn into ice, which releases heat. That heat would cause the clouds to grow faster, pulling in air that would otherwise reach the wall of clouds around the eye. With its supply of air cut off, the old eye wall would fade away, and a second eye wall would grow outside the first. Because it would be wider than the original eye wall, the air spiraling into it would be slower.

The hypothesis was first tested in 1961 in the eye wall of Hurricane Esther about 400 miles north of Puerto Rico. The hurricane stopped growing and even showed signs of weakening. The following day the aircraft returned to seed, but the seeding canisters fell outside the eye wall, and the storm showed no changes.

Still, the results were encouraging. When Hurricane Beulah showed up Aug. 23, 1963, Project Stormfury was ready with 10 airplanes.

Again, the results were encouraging. Hurricane Debbie was seeded five times in August 1969. The maximum wind speed decreased from near 115 mph to about 80 mph, a reduction of about 30%. The hurricane was left alone for the next 24 hours, and the maximum winds returned to nearly 115 mph. After a repeat of the seeding, the maximum wind speed weakened to about 98 mph, a reduction of about 15%.

Such reductions in wind speed are significant because the force exerted by wind is proportional to the square of the wind speed (a wind speed of 100 mph exerts four times the force of a wind speed of 50 mph). So small changes can have dramatic effects. A speed reduction of 10% to 15%, for example, would result in a 20% to 30% reduction in the force of the wind.


   Some suspicious timing):



In 1967 Dr. Gentry became Director of STORMFURY in addition to NHRL Director. This brought the Project under the direct management of NHRL and required a greater commitment of the Laboratory's personnel and resources. More restrictions were placed on where and when a hurricane could be a candidate for seeding and far fewer experiments were being flown. To increase the opportunity for candidate storms several attempts were made in the early 1970's to move Project STORMFURY's operations to the Pacific, but these plans were put aside each time. 

 Improvements were made to the cloud physics instrumentation on the DC6 in 1968. And for the next two years a series of experiments were carried out which released tracers into hurricanes in an attempt to study the air flow by airborne radar.

In the summer of 1969 the DC6s and several NHRL scientists participated in the Barbados Oceanographic and Meteorological Experiment (BOMEX), a huge multi-national, multi-agency scientific study set east of Barbados. This was the second in a series of such large scale experiments to which the Lab contributed. BOMEX's purpose was to better define the the atmospheric and air/sea interaction processes in the tropics, and hence a better understanding of the energy source of hurricanes.
 The Department of Commerce, in 1970, reorganized ESSA into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This included renaming the USWB the National Weather Service (NWS), and separating the Environmental Research Laboratories (ERL) from the NWS. The National Hurricane Center was kept under NWS, the operational wing of NOAA, while the research laboratories, including NHRL, were put into ERL.

 The Experimental Meteorology Laboratory (EML) in collaboration with NHRL began the Florida Area Cumulus Experiment (FACE) in 1970. FACE, which was done in two segments, attempted to document the benefits of cloud seeding over the Florida peninsula. This, in turn, was supposed to prove the efficacy of seeding in modifying hurricanes. Instead the second segment, ending in 1983, proved inconclusive.
In 1971 STORMFURY experiments were flown into a late season Hurricane Ginger. Because of a dearth of candidate storms over the next few years and another hiatus as NOAA acquired new aircraft, this would be the last hurricane modification experiment flown under Project STORMFURY, although the Project would continue for another dozen years flying weather modification experiments into tropical cumulus as part of FACE.

 In 1974 Dr. Gentry retired and Dr. Noel LaSeur took over the Directorship. A year later the Experimental Meteorology Laboratory was joined to NHRL to form the National Hurricane and Experimental Meteorology Laboratory (NHEML). This brought the Lab to the largest staffing in its history, with nearly sixty scientist and support personnel.

Note how above, the project was discontinued just as new planes for doing the interventions were made available.  It seems that we had a deliberate effort to stiffle success at the very time that the national weather bureau and other weather-related government agencies were being privatized (the National Weather Service, like the Federal Reserve Bank, the Atomic Energy Commission and the National Science Foundation  are privately owned and controlled organizations -- each operating in their respective fields in totally unregulated and largely unsupervised environments, with the public thinking that each is part of the government.
And there is much more money that changes hands and market prices affected when hurricanes are not controlled than when they are.  
Storm Fury demonstrated -- regardless of the sophistry -- that hurricane winds can be reduced from 130 mph to 75 or 80 mph  --  a difference that means the a difference of billions in damages and of doubtless many lives.
But we are not only seeing the deliberate decision to let disaster happen when it could be prevented -- we are seeing something much worse -- the deliberate use of this technology developed by minds that sought to help mankind  as a means of destroying our homes and killing our people for the sake of "disaster-industry " profit and "national-emergency" power.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.
--   I hope to put this together with proper footnotes and better organization and style  -- but the science and the history and the clues are here.